Cozens Family Tree

Emma Louise Reeves1869

Emma Louise Reeves
Given names
Emma Louise
Married name
Emma Louise Dredge
Birth January 7, 1869
Birth of a son
Harold Cholditch Reeves Dredge
April 8, 1893 (Age 24 years)
MarriageCharles DredgeView this family
February 4, 1899 (Age 30 years)
Birth of a son
William George Gordon Dredge
December 31, 1899 (Age 30 years)
Marriage of a childHarold Cholditch Reeves DredgeLydia Carrie GrayView this family
November 2, 1915 (Age 46 years)
Death of a sonHarold Cholditch Reeves Dredge
January 3, 1948 (Age 78 years)