James HintonAge: 7116571728

James Hinton
Given names
Birth December 8, 1657 27 27
Death of a motherSarah
1661 (Age 3)
Birth of a half-sisterJoane Hinton
about 1664 (Age 6)
Christening of a half-sisterJoane Hinton
September 14, 1664 (Age 6)
Birth of a half-brotherWilliam Hinton
1669 (Age 11)
Christening of a half-brotherWilliam Hinton
November 11, 1669 (Age 11)
Death of a fatherJohn Hinton
December 1680 (Age 22)
Religious marriageSarah WhittView family
February 15, 1681 (Age 23)
Birth of a son
John Hinton
about 1683 (Age 25)
Birth of a son
James Hinton
about 1684 (Age 26)
Birth of a daughter
Sarah Hinton
about 1687 (Age 29)
Christening of a daughterSarah Hinton
October 14, 1687 (Age 29)
Birth of a son
Georg Hinton
about 1689 (Age 31)
Christening of a sonGeorg Hinton
September 2, 1689 (Age 31)
Birth of a daughter
Jane Hinton
about 1691 (Age 33)
Christening of a daughterJane Hinton
November 1, 1691 (Age 33)
Birth of a daughter
Mary Hinton
about 1695 (Age 37)
Christening of a daughterMary Hinton
January 23, 1695 (Age 37)
Birth of a son
William Hinton
about September 1696 (Age 38)
Christening of a sonWilliam Hinton
September 26, 1696 (Age 38)
Birth of a daughter
Elinor Hinton
about 1699 (Age 41)
Christening of a daughterElinor Hinton
July 30, 1699 (Age 41)
Death of a sonGeorg Hinton
about 1712 (Age 54)
Burial of a sonGeorg Hinton
February 13, 1712 (Age 54)
Note: Possibly 13 Feb 1711
Death of a wifeSarah Whitt
March 1714 (Age 56)
Death of a daughterSarah Hinton
1714 (Age 56)
Burial of a wifeSarah Whitt
March 24, 1714 (Age 56)
Burial of a daughterSarah Hinton
March 24, 1714 (Age 56)
Marriage of a childWilliam HintonElizabeth SmithView family
Type: Religious marriage
April 5, 1724 (Age 66)
Death of a half-brotherWilliam Hinton
about 1728 (Age 70)

Death December 10, 1728 (Age 71)
Family with parents - View family
Father’s family with unknown unknown - View family
6 years
Family with Sarah Whitt - View family
Marriage: February 15, 1681Wilton, Wiltshire, England
3 years
2 years
4 years
Sarah Hinton
Birth: about 1687 29 27Wilton by Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Death: 1714Wilton by Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
3 years
Georg Hinton
Birth: about 1689 31 29Wilton by Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Death: about 1712Wilton by Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
3 years
Jane Hinton
Birth: about 1691 33 31Wilton by Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Death: 1735Wilton by Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
5 years
21 months
3 years


I have now had permission to look in the original Great Wishford parish register and I do think that the birth entry in 1657 is James: the J is written quite differently from the later J of John in the same entry, and with an extra oblique stroke in front of it, so it looks odd, but the rest of the name is definitely ---ames, so it must be James. The entry reads:

James hinton the sonn of John hinton and his Wife was borne the 8th of December 1657

At his period we were in the Interregnum where Bishops had been abolished and also baptisms at the font, so the records are of births not baptisms. I have also translated 'ye' as 'the' which is the correct thing to do - there was never any such word as 'ye', (it is a misunderstanding of the use of a letter looking like a 'y' which was used to stand for 'th').

Notes from Alison Maddock, researcher February 2004


29 March 1683, John son of James Hinton 5 December 1684, James son of James and Sarah Hinton ** [see below] 14 October 1687, Sarah d. of James Hinton ** [see below] 2 September 1689, Georg [so spelled] son of James Hinton 1 November 1691, Jane daughter of James and Sarah Hinton 23 January 1694/5, Mary daughter of James Hinton 26 September 1696, William son of James Hinton, weaver 30 July 1699, Elinor daughter of James Hinton, weaver, poor

** Both these entries were too faded to read on the microfiche, but the 1687 one was confirmed by looking at the Bishop's Transcript. There is no BT for 1684, so I am relying on a modern transcription made by someone who was able to study the original register. Notes from Alison Maddock, researcher.