Colonel Mrs Edith Lewis (nee Carleton)

Edith Constance CarletonAge: 7818731952

Edith Constance Carleton
Given names
Edith Constance
Married name
Edith Constance Lewis
Birth July 13, 1873 25 28
Birth of a brotherWillaim MacNeill “Willie” Carleton
August 30, 1874 (Age 13 months)
Birth of a brotherHerbert Goodwin “Bertie” Carleton
May 13, 1877 (Age 3)
Birth of a sisterKathline Nettie Carleton
September 12, 1879 (Age 6)
Death of a maternal grandfatherRobert Earls
August 25, 1884 (Age 11)
Address: 45 Clapham Place
Note: I presuem that the Clapham Place refered to is the same as is referenced in the 1881 census in both Clapham and Streatham, in wandsworth, London.
Birth of a sisterMadeline Hughes “Topsy” Carleton
December 26, 1884 (Age 11)
Death of a paternal grandmotherMary Anne MacNeill
March 4, 1893 (Age 19)
Birth of a son
John Aichin Carleton Lewis
March 25, 1898 (Age 24)
Birth of a son
Herbert William Thomas “Bertie” Lewis
September 12, 1899 (Age 26)
Birth of a daughter
Kathleen Eleanor Lewis
April 27, 1901 (Age 27)

Birth of a daughter
Edith Gwendolen “Gwen” Lewis
July 3, 1902 (Age 28)

Birth of a daughter
Honorah Constance “Norah” Lewis
June 28, 1903 (Age 29)

Death of a paternal grandfatherGoodwin Carleton
December 4, 1904 (Age 31)
Birth of a daughter
Madeline Marguerite Lewis
July 13, 1905 (Age 32)
Death of a motherRebecca Janis Alice “Jennie” Earls
August 29, 1915 (Age 42)
Note: Records from the Hewards had the death in Penge on 6 sep 1915. However the records of the tributes paid at the funeral which was in Penge on the 6 sep 1915 report her as having died in Margate at the home of rest on the previous Sunday.
Death of a sonJohn Aichin Carleton Lewis
June 4, 1918 (Age 44)
Death of a brotherWillaim MacNeill “Willie” Carleton
about October 4, 1918 (Age 45)
Note: On board the Japanese registered HIRANO MARU with his son Christopher which was torpedoed by a German vessel between Ireland and the Pembroke (South West Wales) coast.
Death of a brotherHerbert Goodwin “Bertie” Carleton
August 19, 1924 (Age 51)
Death of a daughterHonorah Constance “Norah” Lewis
July 28, 1929 (Age 56)

Death of a fatherCommissioner John Aicken “Jack” Carleton
June 21, 1934 (Age 60)
Cause: 1a. Uraemic Coma, b Retention of Urine, c. Prostatic Enlargement.
Death of a husbandColonel Thomas Lewis
June 19, 1951 (Age 77)
Burial of a husbandColonel Thomas Lewis
June 23, 1951 (Age 77)
Death of a brotherRobert Ernest Earls Carleton
1952 (Age 78)
Burial of a brotherRobert Ernest Earls Carleton
1952 (Age 78)
Death February 26, 1952 (Age 78)

Family with parents - View family
Marriage: June 8, 1870Parish Church, Tipperary, Ireland
15 months
elder brother
23 months
14 months
younger brother
3 years
younger brother
2 years
younger sister
5 years
younger sister
Madeline Hughes Carleton.jpgMadeline Hughes “Topsy” Carleton
Birth: December 26, 1884 36 39Kent House Road, Penge, London, England
Death: February 6, 1961
Family with Colonel Thomas Lewis - View family
2nd Lieut J.A.Carleton LewisJohn Aichin Carleton Lewis
Birth: March 25, 1898 26 24Penge, London, England
Death: June 4, 1918Stamford Hill, London, England
18 months
19 months
14 months
1 year
2 years

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