Ellen Gorham (nee Gilbert) in 1872

Ellen Gilbert1820

Ellen Gilbert
Birth about 1820 23 20

Marriage of parentsJohn GilbertJane BettsView family
July 29, 1820
Birth of a brotherJohn Gilbert
about 1822 (Age 2)

Birth of a brotherThomas Gilbert
about 1824 (Age 4)

Birth of a sisterJane Gilbert
about 1826 (Age 6)

Birth of a sisterMary Ann Gilbert
about 1828 (Age 8)

Birth of a sisterElizabeth Gilbert
about 1830 (Age 10)

Birth of a brotherMichael Gilbert
about 1833 (Age 13)

Birth of a brotherCharles Gilbert
about 1835 (Age 15)
Birth of a brotherEdward Gilbert
about 1837 (Age 17)
Birth of a brotherWilliam Defost Gilbert
about 1838 (Age 18)

Birth of a sisterJulia Alexander Gilbert
October 25, 1843 (Age 23)
Birth of a daughter
Jane Gorham
April 1, 1849 (Age 29)
Marriage of a childCharles CarlingJane GorhamView family
December 18, 1875 (Age 55)
Death of a fatherJohn Gilbert
between 1867 and 1881 (Age 47)

Death of a brotherCharles Gilbert
after 1881 (Age 61)

Death of a motherJane Betts
after 1881 (Age 61)


Family with parents - View family
Marriage: July 29, 1820Aylesford, Kent, England
5 months
3 years
younger brother
3 years
younger brother
3 years
younger sister
3 years
younger sister
3 years
younger sister
4 years
younger brother
3 years
younger brother
3 years
younger brother
2 years
younger brother
6 years
younger sister
Family with George Gorham - View family

Shared note

Kept a pub. When daughter inherited money from her Godmother, she and her husband bought a pub, but failed to make a go of it and lost everything.

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