Charles Carling

Charles CarlingAge: 5018201870

Charles Carling
Birth 1820 21 21
Baptism April 2, 1820
MarriageHarriet WhiteView family
September 17, 1844 (Age 24)

Residence 1844 (Age 24)
Address: 6 Giltspur Street, London
Birth of a son
Charles Carling
November 28, 1847 (Age 27)
Residence 1847 (Age 27)
Address: 72 Lillington Street, Westminster, Middlesex
Birth of a son
John Carling
about 1849 (Age 29)

Birth of a son
Thomas “Tom” Carling
about 1850 (Age 30)
Death of a fatherJohn Carling
about July 1851 (Age 31)
Birth of a daughter
Ada Carling
about 1853 (Age 33)

Birth of a daughter
? Carling
about 1863 (Age 43)

Death of a wifeHarriet White
June 1868 (Age 48)

Religious marriageMary RichardsonView family
February 4, 1869 (Age 49)
Death October 3, 1870 (Age 50)
Address: 2 Wellington Street Islington Middlesex
Cause of death: Phthsis 12 months, Haemoptysis 8days
Family with parents - View family
Marriage: December 5, 1814St Dionis Backchurch, London, England
4 years
elder brother
3 years
Family with Harriet White - View family
Marriage: September 17, 1844St Sepulchre Parish, London, England
3 years
2 years
2 years
Thomas “Tom” Carling
Birth: about 1850 30 34St George Hanover Square, London, England
Death: before 1900South Africa
4 years
Family with Mary Richardson - View family
Marriage: February 4, 1869St Mary Church, Lewisham, Kent, England
-5 years

Shared note

Lived in a row of houses in Holloway, side by side with his wife's 3 sisters: Bennett, Carling, Hall and Tolham. One couple (Mr & Mrs Hall) were so poor that Charles and his wife bought their house for them. When his first wife died, he married again. His new wife didn't want anything to do with his sons. Charles and Jack had to leave Highbury College, find themselves lodgings and work as waiters to support themselves. Tom had to leave school so ran away to sea. Ada was also made to leave school and became an unpaid servant to her step-mother. There was one daughter from the second marriage, but Charles didn't live long and his widow put Ada into an orphanage and took all his assets for herself and her own daughter.

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